Life Insurance is a way to protect your survivors and dependants against financial hardship. A life insurance contract or policy is a legal agreement between you and an insurance company that guarantees payment of cash, the face value of the policy, upon death. more | free quote

Disability Insurance
Your ability to work is your most valuable asset. Every day you get up and go to work to support your lifestyle and provide for yourself and your family.
However, ask yourself this - what would happen if one day you lost your ability to earn an income because of injury or sickness? Life wouldn't be all that simple anymore.
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Critical Illness insurance is a unique combination of financial and medical protection. It pays you a lump-sum cash benefit usually 30 days after the diagnosis of a covered condition. more | free quote

Visitors Insurance
If you expect visitors, insure them with FutureLink Financial Inc. for any unexpected illness or accident. Your friends and family can then enjoy a worry free stay while visiting Canada. Visitors to Canada may use this coverage for short-term trips to the U.S.A., providing the trip originates in Canada.
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Travel Emergency health insurance that covers you anywhere you go. more | free quote

RESPs are investment plans that help you accumulate money for post-secondary education. They allow your contributions to grow tax-free until the money is withdrawn to pay for the post-secondary education of your child.more